Sauna Annex


Nittedal, Norway


Sauna Annex is a small cabin in the woods of Oslo that provides modern amenities to an early 20thcentury log cabin.

The regulations for building in this area of forest prohibit any construction that is not replacing or improving on existing structures. This cabin replaces an existing annex with a new building of the same size, providing a sauna, toilet, and workshop space in a compact and lightweight new building.

The cabin and its annex sit on a plateau with a southern view over a small lake.  The annex sits to the north of the main building and has limited views out over the lake. In response, the sauna window cranes it neck to get the desired framed view. This distortion of the plan creates a more spacious interior with a window seat in the sauna and introduces an organic quality to the exterior form which responds to the light and shadow of the surrounding forest.

The roof pitch is sloped upward to the east while also being rotated off axis slightly toward the south. This adjustment triangulates all 4 elevations create lateral stiffness to the frame. The combination of the twisted roof orientation and the curves of the projecting sauna window create an overall effect of a sculptural object that moves and changes as you walk around it.