House for a Forest


Private client​


The house uses principles of construction that have been present in Oslo for more than 1000 years, drawing them forward and updating them to create a new iteration of the old tectonic language of timber stacked on stones. Like these regional forms, this house will not use any materials that cannot either be returned or regenerated within 100 years. 

The structure is made from massive timber fixed together with threaded hardwood dowels. The structural layer of these panels - the oldest layer- is eighty years old. The absence of glue means the timber is vapour open and is able to regulate moisture and breathe naturally through the wall construction. 

The thick timber slabs are insulated on the exterior with wood wool insulation and clad with lightweight timber boarding. Windows are carefully placed to take advantage of solar gain, and thermal mass is achieved by creating timber floor cassettes packed with reclaimed aggregate and heated with water pipes. The overall construction schema can be said to be “technology proof, allowing for the integration of any heating, ventilation or energy source without relying on a technology of the day to perform through time.